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5 Quick Tips on Core Workouts for Great Abs

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 5 Quick Tips on Core Workouts for Great Abs



The core of the body is what enables you to have balance and feel strong, but for a lot of people, the biggest appeal to working the core is the illusive promise of having great abs. The most important impact on the state of visibility of your abdominal muscles is of course your diet, but doing certain specific core workouts can dramatically increase the likelihood that your abs will show up sooner. The core consists of the transverse abdominis, the rectus abdominis, the multifidus, the external oblique’s, the internal oblique’s, the quadratus lumborum, and the erector spinal, all of which must be worked in order to have a strong core. Only some of these muscles emphasize the visibility of your abs.

Tip #1: Stability Ball & Tip #2: Alternate Balance Devices

When you’re focusing on your core, and specifically your abs, using a stability ball can make a big impact. Because of the unstable environment created by the ball, all of your exercises will incorporate core work. The ball can be added to virtually any exercise to make any day ab day. If you’re less interested in the stability ball, you can opt for a different balance device for optimal core work. You could get a wobble board or a balance disc, or maybe even a foam balance. Because these devices destabilize the surface you’re working on, your core is immediately engaged to provide ample support.

Tip #3: Rectus Abdominis & Tip #4: External And Internal Oblique’s

You need to engage your rectus abdominis and your oblique’s in order to successfully generate the visible abs you so desire. While the rectus abdominis will create the six pack aesthetic that you’re after, working the oblique’s is just as vital for the visual stimuli. The oblique’s add the striation and musculature to your sides, which is just as crucial for having an aesthetically pleasing tight core. You can work the rectus abdominis, which runs from the sternum to the pelvis, by doing declined crunches, while the oblique’s can be easily toned with a simple Russian twist.

Tip #5: Do Yoga

Even though yoga does not have the intensity and vigorous nature of standard workouts, it has the unique ability to be great for improving core strength. Because it works all of the muscles of the core in several different positions, yoga is actually a wonderful mechanism for abdominal efforts.


Mitch Woodward
Director, Transformation Inc



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