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Abs for Summer

The abdominals are one of the key muscle groups responsible for injury prevention and performance in training and are typically neglected, either left till last in programming or left out completely all together. Well renowned strength coach Tudor Bompa speaks of 3 basic laws in training in his book Serious Strength Training (Bompa 2013). Law 1: Before Developing Muscle Strength, Develop Joint Flexibility. Law 2: Before Developing Muscle Strength, Develop the Tendons. Law 3: Before Developing the Limbs, Develop the Body’s Core. 80% of the population at some stage unfortunately develop lower back pain due to imbalances in length, tension and joint stability around the hips and core.


Maintaining optimal length in muscle groups acting on this area along with maintaining ideal strength in the midsection can assist you in not becoming another statistic and raise your performance in many strength actions from body weight to actions using external loading. A strength program I have found to work significantly well in the rehabilitation of lower back issues and to increase performance in many strength actions is Ian King’s 12 Weeks to Astounding Abdominals. Ian is a world leader in the strength and conditioning field completing over 8 cycles at the Olympic level, Commonwealth Games and numerous World Championships. To add a serious 6 pack to your training search 12 Weeks to Astounding Abdominals By Ian King.


Using the three laws as your foundation of training and adhering to a well design abdominal program is a sure way to avoid injury and repeated visits to a physical therapist, and this is one thing they do not want me telling you!

Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live- Jim Rohn


Written by – Dan Marshall


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