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Anabolism vs Catabolism

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Anabolism vs Catabolism

Anabolism vs Catabolism and how it effects your goals;


In basic terms, Anabolic and Catabolic states are two different states that your body fluctuates between, with your body either building tissue or breaking it down. Anabolism or being in an anabolic state is vital when you are trying to gain weight or put on size whilst maximising performance and gaining strength. Catabolism is never an ideal state but is necessary at times, so its about maintaining a balance that reduces the time we are catabolic and increases our anabolic state. The way you eat, train and whether you get adequate rest will effect this balance. If you aren’t resting enough or getting quality sleep you can expect a decrease in positive results.


Remember, it is during REST that your muscles recover and grow, not during training. The same issue is evident when you over-train or get inadequate nutrition. Skipping breakfast is one of the major causes of increasing your catabolic state whilst reducing your base metabolic rate significantly throughout the day. Beyond this, it is essential to consume a meal or some form of protein every 2-3 hours. This is especially important if putting on lean muscle and adding size over a period of time, going without meals will increase catabolism and force your body to breakdown muscle stores for energy. Training should also be short but intense, usually 60-90 minutes is your optimal time period to ensure maximum results.


If you are training with intensity, this is more then enough time. Any longer and you are not only failing to train hard enough, but you will begin breaking down muscle tissue and negating the positive muscle building effects. If you train for 60 minutes or more, it is highly recommended you consume simple carbs and amino’s during training to increase your anabolic state and performance. So, it is important to listen to your body. Get adequate rest or expect muscle growth to be a very long process as your body requires adequate time for optimal recovery so it can rebuild and repair the damaged muscle.


Eat well and don’t live in the gym, professional athletes usually train 45-60 minutes but it is highly intense and effective training where quality is pursued over quantity.


Written by James Read


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