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Awaken Glutes

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Awaken Your Glutes

Ever wondered why you don’t feel your  awaken glutes when you train?


Neural inhibition in the lower body can occur due to tightness in the hip flexors which then increases anterior rotation of the pelvis. When the pelvis anteriorly rotates it acts on the lumbar region by increasing lordosis and putting pressure on the joints and nerves coming out of this area. As muscular tension increases in the area a decrease in strength can occur in the lower body. By simply stretching the hip flexor group before training you can decrease tension on the lumbar area allowing for better muscular recruitment.


Awaken Glutes - Transformation Inc


Better recruitment of the glutes can assist in preventing lower back, hip and knee injuries long term.

3 Simple strength exercises to fire up your glutes and avoid injury:


Awaken Glutes - Transformation Inc

– Single leg hip thigh extensions




– Quadruped kick backs




– Side lying abduction Enjoy!



Written by Dan Marshall


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