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Mooloolaba Bootcamp – See Session Times Available HERE

Why should you join Transformation Inc’s Mooloolaba Bootcamp?


Mooloolaba is such a beautiful place to live, so it makes sense to make the absolute most of it by getting fit, active and surrounding yourself in nature, and you can do it all with Transformation Inc’s Mooloolaba bootcamp! The Gold Coast’s number one bootcamp has expanded to Mooloolaba and just like on the Gold Coast, is taking advantage of the beautiful beaches and natural scenery. So why should you give our Mooloolaba bootcamp a go?


Better than a gym!

If you’re already health and fitness conscious, you might have a gym membership. But if you’re guiding yourself, motivation and results can be hard to come by, plus you’re working out indoors and not enjoying your gorgeous surroundings. With our Mooloolaba bootcamp set time and place, you can structure a strict routine, have your trainer and group to motivate you and know you’re in the hands of a professional so results will come. You’ll learn exercises you didn’t even know existed and won’t get bored, as every session is different and challenging. Our Mooloolaba bootcamp is definitely the way to go if you want motivation and results!


Perfect for everyone

If you’ve ever felt too old to work out, too unfit to start training, too intimidated to go to the gym or too uneducated to exercise by yourself, our Mooloolaba bootcamp is exactly what you need. No matter your age, gender, skill level, fitness level, body type, race, occupation – ANYTHING – you’ll be welcome at our Mooloolaba bootcamp and have the guidance and advice you need. We have different weight options of sandbags and kettle bells available for different strengths, we’ll always partner you up with someone of the same size and skill level for activities like boxing and although our trainers are there to motivate you, they’ll never push you to the point where you feel threatened or out of control. If you’re wondering if our Mooloolaba bootcamp for you, we can promise you it is!


Bask in the natural beauty of Mooloolaba

Last of all, our Mooloolaba bootcamp overlooks the beautiful beach, which is exactly what you want to see while you’re sweating it out. The beach has such an amazing effect on people when they exercise as it inspires calmness, positivity and best of all, you know no matter how hot and sweaty you get during your Mooloolaba bootcamp you can always go for a dip afterwards!

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