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Chevron Island Bootcamp

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Chevron Island Bootcamp – See Session Times Available HERE

Chevron Island Bootcamp – See Session Times Available HERE

Why is Transformation Inc’s Chevron Island Bootcamp for you?

Transformation Inc’s Chevron Island bootcamp is where it all started. With fitness and healthy body image rapidly increasing, as did the outlets or training, advice and nutrition. Mitch Woodward aspired to create one institution that would address all the inconsistencies within the fitness industry, hence the birth of Transformation Inc Bootcamps, and its’ first location at Chevron Island. So what was his goal with these bootcamps?


Fitness that actually WORKS

Why do we exercise? For a lot of us, it’s to lose weight – whether for medical or aesthetic reasons. Well Mitch’s Chevron bootcamp initially comprised of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), bodyweight exercise, boxing and weighted exercises to target every part of the body, and the bootcamp side of the training made sure every session was fast paced, challenging and effective. With this intensive exercise, partnered with consistency and reliable nutritional advice, in no time Chevron Island’s bootcamp attendees were seeing big changes.


Deliver consistent info

With so many different ideas and theories on fitness emerging, Mitch saw the necessity to develop and deliver correct and consistent information about exercise and getting healthy. Through his Chevron bootcamp he was able to test this idea and with great results. He was able to teach correct technique, the most effective exercises for weight loss and muscle gain, the best information on supplements and dietary advice and best of all, he was able to ensure everyone was getting the right information for them. So at these Chevron bootcamps, Mitch would teach the correct way to execute a burpee, explain what they work, why they work and everyone was getting the same advice eliminating any doubts and ensuring the best results.


Bootcamps are boss

There are so many benefits to bootcamps (you can read our blog on these benefits here), which Mitch knew when he started his Chevron Island bootcamps. There’s the social aspect of bootcamps, which is so important to make new, like-minded friends who can push you, motivate you and make you actually want to go to bootcamp. Then there’s the competitive element, which means you might strive to be as fit as the fittest person in your bootcamp session, helping you see your progress. Then there’s the massive advantage of still having a personal trainer to lead you in the right direction, without the pressure of having someone watching you the whole time and yelling in your face. And the first Chevron Island bootcamps proved to Mitch that these theories were true, and they still are now.


Cost effective fitness

It’s no secret that the fitness industry brings in big money, which can be a deterrent to those who want to get fit but might not have the funds, but still want that professional training and external motivation. Well Chevron Island’s bootcamps were a breath of fresh air for those people, with bootcamp members attending sessions for as little as $5 per session for expert training, massive motivation, around the clock advice and most importantly, results! There is no question that Chevron Island’s bootcamps were and still are amazing value for money and in the end, give members not only a fitter body but a new, more confident and happy lease on life.


Make exercise fun

Nobody enjoys chores. That’s why they’re called chores: they’re things that have to be done but which are not associated with fun or enjoyment. Unfortunately, a lot of people consider exercise a chore. Chevron Island’s bootcamps were designed to be dynamic, exciting, addictive and you guessed it, fun. Throughout every bootcamp session you’ll be noticing your progress, which is a feeling of serious empowerment. You’ll be trying exercises you’ve never done before and actually enjoying them; like throwing punches during a boxing bootcamp session and not only noticing your arms toning up but feeling like an absolute boss at the same time. All the while you’ll be sharing jokes with new friends, laughing at the sweat dripping off your face and feeling those happy endorphins rushing through your body. Chevron Island’s bootcamp is definitely not a chore: you will LOVE it.

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