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Getting Up for Winter Motivation

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 Getting Up for Winter Motivation


Let’s face it, summer is escaping us and our mornings are becoming chillier. Whether you’re a morning person or a ‘wake up at noon’ sort of person, there are times when getting up in that chilly morning to work out can feel far less appealing than snuggling deep into your warm bed.  That’s why I’ve included some ways to avoid getting stuck in your sheets when you should be sweating it out! Soak up these creative ways to fight the stay in bed temptation. 


Build a support squad!
I do my work outs with a girlfriend! I feel accountable to her and also pure guilty if I miss one of our sessions due to sleeping in (which I have!). If you have a friend who is counting on you, you will be less likely to cancel. Plus when you find someone who’s fun to work out with, it’s something I look forward too.


See it to believe it.

I do a quick one- to there minute mediation/visulisation the night before to prepare my mind to get excited for my morning workout. I visualize the workout, how I’ll feel once I get into it, and the benefits I’ll reap from the workout.”


Turn in on time.
If I’m going to get up early, I know I need to go to bed that much earlier. It isn’t realistic to expect myself to pop out of bed and have an energetic and productive work out after five hours of sleep. The benefits of also getting up early for a work out are sleeping so peacefully that night from being completely zonked from your day.


Set your eye on the prize.
I set rewards for myself. It’s important to remember your worth in this too. For instance, I’ll tell myself that if I hit all of my morning workouts, then come Sunday I’ll buy that item of clothing I’ve had my eyes on or those headphones I saw someone in the gym wearing and loved. We don’t have to always go clothing or anything dramatic, it could be a simple treat Doughnut Time or a cheeky sweet you love.


Keep your phone away from you!
We all know we can’t help but have our phones in arms reach of us, it’s like a limb attached to us, without it we feel disconnected from the world! Try keeping your phone in your bathroom or charged into the wall where you actually have to get up and switch the damn thing off. It’s a struggle at first but trust me, it works!



Mitch Woodward
Director, Transformation Inc



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