Group Fitness Classes Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Surfers Paradise

Group Fitness Gold Coast

Group Fitness Classes throughout the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast


Transform your body and take charge of your life. Our group fitness classes in 12 metropolitan Queensland locations – throughout the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney, Perth and Sunshine Coast in locations of Oxenford, Southport, Chevron IslandBroadbeach, Burleigh, Mooloolaba, Maroochydore, Kangaroo Point, Cronulla, Innaloo, Scarborough. – will have your body burning in no time, and will see you coming back for more. With the benefit of a group to up your motivation, and keep you on your toes, you’ll be inspired to push your limits.


Our trainers all have something in common – their passion and dedication to your fitness goals. No matter if you want to lose weight, build lean muscle, or simply become more fit overall, our advanced qualified trainers will see to it that you succeed.


Work out your whole body with our fitness program


Each of our workouts is specifically tailored for a certain workout. With a wide range of classes available in each location, you’ll find the exact class for your needs (or take them all for overall wellbeing).

For an intense push to really get your body pumping, try our bootcamp to fast-track your results.

Combining our different types of cardio, strength & conditioning, boxing and varied street workouts will see your regime soar.

We offer a wide range of options throughout Surfers Paradise and surrounds to develop superior strength and endurance.


Boxing and kickboxing for endurance, stamina, coordination and a high-intensity workout for your core and upper body, our boxing class is a fun and energetic way to work out your whole body. You’ll also improve your posture and relieve stress at the same time.


Kettlebell and sandbag group classes for extreme upper-body strength and developing precise movements – using these weights will test your limits in this demonstration of power.


Strength & conditioning workouts to tone your whole body, using free and static weights. Stronger muscles pave the way for better cardio, leading to all-round fitness gains.


Street circuit to get out on the road and use the city as your workout. An interesting and dynamic way to work out, the street circuit will get your heart pumping.


Bootcamp – here’s where our group fitness really shines. Our personal trainers will push you to the limits in a high-intensity combination of endurance, agility and strength.


Circuit to test your body through an ever-changing, ever-evolving workout that will surprise your muscles and keep you agile.


Core strengthening classes for optimum fitness throughout your torso. This strength training option will test you– see how well you can push through.

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