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Knee Pain

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Knee Pain

When treating knee pain there are numerous ways to address the issue much like there are many ways to skin a cat. Keeping things simple we can first look at the length of connective tissue acting on the knee. If tissue has poor length and high tension it may inhibit certain muscle from stabilizing the joint or it may decrease the joint gap between the tibia and femur creating excessive wear and tear.


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If the joint gap between the tibia and femur is jeopardised meniscus and cartilage issues may arise. The quadriceps, hip adductors, hip abductors and hip flexor group are major contributors to knee pain. Maintaining ideal length and tension in these areas is a great start. Increasing strength of the hip extensors can play a major contributor to decreasing knee pain and injury. The hip extensors can stabilize the knee and minimize wear and tear if addressed appropriately.


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How this should be done versus how the majority of the industry addresses imbalances in the hip extensors is a great topic for another time. If there is a malalignment of the foot it can also contribute to knee pain. Length, tension and joint stability imbalances around the calf can create issues that allow the arch of the foot to drop or you may walk more on the outside of your foot. Either or, this malalignment can create wear and tear over time or potential injury. Self-massage techniques can be used, addressing length imbalances of the calf muscles acting on the foot and knee. If you have chronic pain or joint pain it would be ideal to have the issue assessed by a qualified professional. Treat the cause rather than the symptom to avoid and long term damage that may result in irreversible damage or surgery.


Knee Pain - Transformation Inc



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Written by – Dan Marshall


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