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Leg Raises

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Leg Raises

Leg Raises are they ideal for you? A perceived abdominal exercise that is done quite often which can create lower back issues is the lying leg raise.


The intention is to strengthen the abdominals although the prime mover in the exercise is actually the iliopsoas. The iliopsoas originates on the ilium, sacrum and T12-L5 and inserts on the lessor trochanter of the hip. Rectus abdominis, the obliques and the quadriceps act to stabilize the movement. Ideal lines of movement for the abdominals include truck flexion, extension and rotation.


Only with an individual with ideal length, tension and joint stability would I suggest an exercise like the lying leg raise or similar be included in programming. A large proportion of the population are seated for more than 40 hours plus per week. This will put the iliopsoas into a shortened position unless it is addressed via flexibility and soft tissue work. If any hip flexion exercises are performed while the iliopsoas or other hip flexors are tight, pain and injury may arise.

leg raises - Transformation Inc

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Written by – Dan Marshall


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