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Listen to Your Body

Listen to Your Body’s Whispers before They Become Screams I was recently treating a young athlete heading off to America in the next few weeks to play Collage Baseball. He mentioned an analogy he learnt while in camp in Japan which stuck with me that many ignore until server injury or irreversible damage occurs. “Listen to your body’s whispers before they become screams.” Most will ignore the little aches and pains that occur in training or general life with the thought they will fade away in time.


Although as most learn for themselves these issues continue to arise as there is generally a kink within our training or life style that will continue to aggravate the issue. When you are in pain whether it is slight, or limiting pain the body is sending you a message that you need to address the issue. Pain could present in numerous ways from ligament, tendon, bursa and neurological issues. To maintain balance in a joint, length, tension and joint stability must be addressed. If either one of the three are creating an imbalance, discrepancies will occur which may result in injury. To address length meaning flexibility simply perform static stretching before training and dedicate recovery sessions to static flexibility.


I know this goes against what mainstream education will tell you but I assure you pre training flexibility has been used with elite athletes at the Olympic level for decades with great success. Try it for yourself, it works, your joints will love you for it. Tension can be addressed with regular soft tissue work via manual therapy and joint stability using strength exercises. I see numerous cases every week of injuries that are now irreversible but could have been prevented with early intervention and the right guidance. To avoid this happening to you listen to your body’s whispers before they become screams.


To keep our body in good health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear- Buddha.


Written by Daniel Marshel


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