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Supplements- Don’t settle for less!

Supplements have made leaps and bounds in this era due to massive advancements in technology and the consumer has never had so much variety and so many effective supplements to choose from. Whilst this is a great era to live in supplement wise due to the advancements in quality and diversity, it hasn’t stopped unscrupulous or unethical companies from using this opportunity to scam the naïve consumer with claims of magical products that were used by famous actors, celebrities’ or professional athletes. A wide array of these scams can be spotted a mile away and usually are found online on either facebook or on google. A dead giveaway are websites that tell you very little regarding the product or the ingredients except for the claims it was used by a famous actor that is currently in the media, usually its Hugh Jackman or Celebrities from movies such as the 300. These are all scams and they will most likely ask for a credit card so a sample can be sent out, only for you to discover you are now bound to a contract and they keep debiting your account for a sample and/or product that does not work. Please stay away from these sites and always use a specialised supplement supplier such as ASN that has highly reputable brands, all the latest products and supplement guru’s that can educate you on what works the best for your goal.

Another area of supplementation that gets manipulated is the protein industry, unfortunately this is usually done by cheaper supplement outlets or chemists which is sad as people usually naively trust in the chemist for good advice, these outlets will utilise extremely cheap protein formulas that are not much more advanced than simply buying skim milk powder from Coles. They are very inefficient formulations with a very low quality and a low level of the vital recovery and performance amino acids and will usually lead to bloat or unsettled stomachs due to the excess amount of lactose and fillers. I won’t mention any names, but if it’s at a chemist or a supermarket, chances are it’s worth less than the packaging it comes in.

When it comes to health and sports performance supplements, always go to the experts and trained professionals such as the highly reputable staff at ASN. Don’t settle for less, don’t get fooled into cheaper alternatives that usually end up costing you more especially when it comes to subpar results and a decrease in health. Like stated previously, we are so lucky to be in an era of cutting edge advancements in health and sports supplements so be a part of it and watch your health, performance, body shape and mood improve dramatically when you make the decision to do what is best for you and your body. You wouldn’t fill your new BMW with the wrong fuel and I am sure you wouldn’t use an uneducated and cheap service department, so why would you do that when it comes to your own body and health?

Your body is everything and deserves only the BEST.

Written by James Read



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