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Right nutrients

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Right nutrients

Why it’s important to get the right nutrients in your body for optimal performance – The correct nutrients are essential for optimal performance during training but also extremely important for post workout recovery. The human body and the CNS can take up to 30 days to recover from 1 intense training sessions, this is exactly why it is important to get in the right amount of nutrients with your protein and carbohydrates.


It is important to start the process of increasing your body’s nutrients by reducing saturated fats and excess sugar. Ideally you will increase your protein to 1.8g per kg to ensure maximum muscular performance, recovery and also maintenance & repair to skin, eyes and all the bodies’ cells. Increasing your water intake will also ensure nutrients are dispersed throughout the body, sugary drinks will decrease the bodies nutrients as will coffee in large amounts as it acts as a diuretic that will clear precious nutrients from your body. Magnesium, Taurine and Potassium are all important for active people to detox the body whilst reducing muscle aches and pains. Ensure you are eating a balanced diet high in nutrients chosen from optimal sources such as vegetables, lean meats and good fats. Avocado and any bright fruit and vegetables contain high levels of optimal nutrients. To obtain the bodies’ optimal level of nutrients, you must consume 5 different forms of fruit and vegetable daily.


Obviously, in this fast paced lifestyle that is extremely difficult. Luckily in this generation we have numerous advanced formulas available supplement wise to help us reach this goal. Simply utilise a quality, effective greens formula with a wide array of ingredients. Green Machine from Evolve is a very good source of all the required nutrients and has digestive enzymes, adaptogens and probiotics to ensure the best nutrient absorption and uptake.


Written by James Read


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