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  • Chicken Stack - Transformation Inc
  • Chicken Stack - Transformation Inc
  • Chicken Stack - Transformation Inc

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Do you find it easy to talk about food you love? Me too!

Healthy. Fresh. Delivered to your door.


My stack of meals were delivered in a brown paper bag and I was humming, brown paper packages tied up with string… thinking I wonder if these will be part of my favourite things… yep – they sure are!

Chicken Stack… known as one of the popular dishes.

I was shooting these photos, salivating!

I shot the spoonful photo (well forkful) and finally taste-test time arrived.

Are you wondering if it tastes as good as it looks… it was even better!

I was eating… well devouring this dish.

Completely lost in the moment… thinking this dish triggers every tastebud in your mouth. How is this possible?

If you’re the kind-of-person that can dissect your meal… Your brain says… I taste this, this, this… and you begin to understand the dish…

Well, not this dish – the flavours are so amazing, but not the obvious or usual mix.

Ever been a bit sceptical about “take-away” meals?

Four days after delivery (yes 4 days) it tasted like my personal chef just whipped it up in the kitchen.

It’s dairy-free… gluten-free… I would never have guessed.

I was enjoying every mouthful, thinking… I hope this never ends.

Not many things in life make you feel this way.


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