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The Benefits of Bootcamps

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The Benefits of Bootcamps


The word ‘bootcamp’ might sound scary to you. You might think it’s drills and military fitness and a big scary dude yelling in your face. You couldn’t be more wrong. The idea of bootcamps is centred around the concept of group fitness rather than the grueling factors associated with army bootcamps, and there are so many benefits of exercising in a group.


Don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy, but it does mean you won’t be forced to commando crawl under electrified barbed wire in the rain.

So if you’ve ever considered a bootcamp, but aren’t sure what you’ll be in for or if it’s the right thing for you, have a read about what you can expect and why group fitness is for everyone.


Set Times – you’re either there or you miss it


The Transformation Inc timetable is online and readily available to everyone who seeks it out. The sessions are predominantly at 6am or 6pm, and unless there’s a freak lightning storm or Godzilla rampages the Gold Coast, they’ll be on then. So if you don’t go, you miss it, end of story. You can’t kid yourself and say ‘Oh I’ll just go to the gym later,’ either you’re there and you feel the burn or you miss it and don’t reap the rewards.  And most likely get a bunch of messages saying ‘Where were you tonight?’ and having to explain yourself. It’s just easier to avoid that.


The Social Side

Everyone that signs up for bootcamp is there for the same reasons as you – they want to get fitter, healthier and hotter. So now that you’ve been brought together and know you have at least one thing in common, you’re ready to create relationships, which will affect your whole bootcamp journey. You start to talk to them outside bootcamp, you’ll plan the sessions you go to together and get excited to not only exercise but also catch up. You might even start socialising outside of bootcamp – going to lunch at a healthy restaurant or doing your groceries and meal prep together. These friendships will affect your life in a positive way; never underestimate the affect they’ll have on you.


Gold Coast Bootcamp Sunshine Coast Bootcamp- Transformation Inc



I don’t care how lovely you are; everyone gets caught up in a bit of healthy competition when you commit to bootcamp. It’s not necessarily negative, but it always pushes you to work harder not just during one session but also over the course of months or years. There might be that one person you aspire to finish a set of exercises before or keep up with. And you might not in the first couple of weeks, but you notice yourself getting closer and closer and eventually you’re so close you push yourself harder than you ever have before just to inch over the line first. Or alternatively, maybe you’ve been the fitter one in the class, and you notice someone you underestimated getting closer to overtaking you and so you realise you need to push a little harder to keep progressing. No matter how you look at it, a little healthy competition is essential for progression.


Gold Coast Bootcamp Sunshine Coast Bootcamp- Transformation Inc


No Judgment

Everybody is there for the same reason. It’s not like when you go the gym and you see girls with a full face of makeup that remains pristine for the whole 20 minutes they’re strolling on the treadmill. Or the gym is packed but nobody is actually doing anything, they’re just standing around talking and playing on their phones. Or you go for a run on the side of the road and see and hear the cars cruising past while you’re red in the face, your wobbly bits are wobbling and your shorts are riding up your crotch. At our bootcamps, everyone looks like that, but the redder, sweatier and wobblier you are the better. It means you’re working hard and since everyone is doing the same thing, they respect that.


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Your own Personal Trainer

It’s undeniable that personal trainers are hugely valuable when it comes to getting fit. There’s something awesome about being bossed around and having no choice in the matter, plus they’re usually hot as hell so you really want to impress them. But it’s not always a good thing, because it’s no secret some PT’s can be slightly overbearing, slightly aggressive and slightly expensive. Well at bootcamp, you have all the best parts of a PT, without the downsides. They’re there to tell you what to do, provide structure to the session and make sure you’re doing everything with the proper form and technique. They’re only a shout away if you have any questions, but they’re not focusing on you the whole time, so you’ve got space as well.  And when you can get unlimited bootcamp sessions every week for half the price of one PT session, it just makes sense.


Gold Coast Bootcamp Sunshine Coast Bootcamp- Transformation Inc



So there you have it. Bootcamps aren’t scary, but they’re not easy. They’re filled with people, but they’re just like you. There’s an element of competition, but it’s good for you and you’ve still got a personal trainer.


So what are you waiting for?! Sign up today and claim a Five Day Free Pass, you’ll love it!



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