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The Importance of Cheat Meals

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The Importance of Cheat Meals

The importance of “Cheat” MealsAs we all know, it takes a calorie deficit and clean eating to burn fat. In addition to all this, we require our hormones to be operating optimally, then we have the recipe for success.


One aspect that is important to factor in, that is usually over looked, is the fact we are a very adaptive organism, this is why when we train we grow muscles, our bodies are built for survival. So, being built for survival equates to the fact that you can simply decrease calories and stick to a super lean diet during a challenge or a lifestyle change BUT your body will simply adjust to this, in simple terms it will not only reduce its fat burning capabilities but look to burn more effective sources of energy such as muscle. Remember, our bodies only focus on survival, not looking good at the beach.


To offset this, we need to be vigil and incorporate what is referred to as “cheat” meals. This means, one meal a week you can basically enjoy something that isn’t usually a part of your diet whether it be pizza, a kebab or a burger & beer. This simple addition to your weekly diet will ensure the body doesn’t adapt to the diet and the reduction of calories, and instead gets a meal with everything it wants and therefore this will help reduce muscle catabolism whilst also keeping you sane. It is easy to sometimes get over-excited or carried away and go on a drastic reduction of calories whilst not allowing yourself to treat yourself once in a while, whilst this is admirable, it won’t help your goal and in most cases will work against what you are trying to achieve. This is actually one major cause for diets filing or people ballooning up and down in weight as they continually switch between these unmaintainable diet phases and follow it up with binge eating.


This is also a key reason why pharmaceutical products like Duramine also aren’t effective long term dieting tools as they force the body to break down muscle tissue, meaning you simply become a smaller version of yourself with the same body fat levels. This decreases your bodies base metabolic rate and will mean you slow down your metabolism in the long term and end up putting on more weight. So, in summary, don’t be too strict on yourself. A new diet or eating plan is always an adjustment and we want this new healthy lifestyle you have chosen to be an enjoyable and positive long term experience.


Written by James Read


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