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Adam “Bilsy” Bilsborough

Winner, winner, chicken dinner. Yep that’s right one of our biggest 12 week challenge winners is Bilsy, but probably the most interesting thing about his journey was that he didn’t believe Transformation Inc. could do it. They put the challenge to hime and since joining the Bootcamps has lost a stunning 50kgs, I know right, amazing.

Louise Rangel

The main reason Louise joined Transformation Inc. was to lose weight and get fit, so could play with her son. She thought the best way to achieve that was to join a 12 week challenge, her goal was to lose 12kgs but instead she 20kg and won the challenge, amazing effort.

Lloyd James Ross

Lloyd saw us training and wanted to be apart of that for the summer, he has changed his life and his body with just our training and guides to to promote a healthier and happier person.

Ann-Marie Davis

When Ann-Marie started with us she wanted to feel good about herself and get outdoors. She signed up to our challenge and never looked back. Annie-Marie has changed her body, lifestyle and eating and is looking amazing!

Cath Duffield

While Cath was visiting from the UK she wanted to join something that could give her a community and keep her fit as well and she found Transformation Inc. and never looked back, one Cath’s only regrets is she had to go back to the UK, after her extended stay, and wouldn’t be able to train with the team and Bootcampers anymore.

Chris Katen

Chris had been going to gyms for ages and couldn’t really make a difference in either his appearance and fitness levels. He found he would go to the gym and only really workout half of the time. His favourite part of the bootcamps is that he is pushed for the whole time and he is now running marathons.

Lana Dawson

Since Lana joined the first 12 week challenge and won it, it has changed her life and now she uses what she has done to inspire others. On her journey of incredible weight loss and increased fitness, she found that people were so inspired that they approached her to ask her how she did it and how could they do it.

Tom McCleister

Tom was tired of the same old same gym routines and he loves that there are great trainers to push him. Tom loves nothing better than going to different locations and training with different PT’s. After participating in the Bootcamps Tom is says he is a lot more confident and he and his wife have made tones of new friends.

Casey Mars

After joining Transforamtion Inc. Casey said it has changed her life, she is no longer going out partying every weekend and is ticking off all her goals she has made for herself and is looking for more. On top of all of that she now has a heap more friends and is the healthiest she has ever been, let alone looking great.

Tashana Mills

When Tashana started with us she was already having trouble with keeping up the motivation of going to gyms and then she found she loved the outdoors and the community feel of the bootcamps and has been a regular ever since.

Michael Giannaras 

One of the most amazing transformations we have seen is our mate Mike, from quite unfit to running half marathons and looking to do full marathons, thanks for your time Mike!

Steve and Louise 

We pride ourselves of being able to transform anyones lives when they are also committed to it, we would love you to hear what Steve and Louise have to say!

Cody Gaiter

Our goal is to make a difference in peoples lives… and we ask Cody about exactly that, here is what he had to say!

Trace Palupe

We would love you to hear what Tracey has to say about how much her life has changed… watch her story now!

Mikayla Rodger

Mikaela Rodger’s amazing transformation was inspired by fellow bootcampers.

Anita Bowman

Anita found us on google, she took the chance and now its completely changed her life.

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